One of the very best things about summer is watching all the beautiful flowers and plants bloom and grow. Sometimes, however, the hot and humid Chicago weather can hinder our green thumb. With these easy steps, you can nurse your decorative grasses, annuals, fruits and vegetables back to full health this summer.

Decorative Grasses

Of all the lush plants to find in your home landscape, decorative grasses are the plants that require the least amount of time and attention. The first year of planting decorative grasses is when you should use a slow release fertilizer and keep them well watered to ensure a strong root system development. Once the first year has been completed, however your decorative grasses do not require much maintenance through the summer. Wait to cut down the grasses until after winter is over and spring cleaning has begun to ensure that your grasses will grow back healthy.


Your annual flowers only require about a medium rate of care and maintenance during the summer. To ensure the best outcome for your flowers during the summer, using fertilizer and weed preventer can help with their success. Also make sure to water your annuals every day and remove the dead heads of flowers from your blooms stimulate healthy new growth during the hot Chicago summer.

Fruits & Vegetables

If your home landscape includes fruit and vegetable plants, then you know the maintenance work required to see the best produce and healthy plants during the heat of summer. To ensure that you reap the best benefits of having these types of plants in your garden, these simple steps can keep your plants happy and healthy.

Just like your annuals, make sure to water your fruits and vegetables every day. Also, fertilizer can help your plants blossom and produce the best yield. Make sure that other sources like pesky wildlife and invasive insects are not destroying the chances of your fruit and vegetable plant survival and production. Use netting or fencing and low toxicity pesticide if absolutely necessary to keep these pests from destroying your plants.

With these easy maintenance tips, your home’s landscape will beat the heat and bloom with color and fresh produce this summer. Stop into Hortons Greenhouse at our La Grange location to find beautiful new decorative grasses, annuals, fruits and vegetables.