1. Lighten Up with LED-infused Fixtures

    Update your home environment with state-of-the-art, style-forward lighting that has LEDs built right into the fixture. RIGHT LIGHT: New technology fuses light sources with fixtures. One of the most significant current home design trends is the use of integrated LED fixtures where the LED light source is a permanent part of the fixture. The fixture does not use a bulb in the traditional sense. Whil…Read More

  2. December 2016: The Beauty of Decorative Lighting

    Decorative lights are the unsung heroes of great lighting design. These statement fixtures are important in conveying specific design themes, and can also be used in light layering. Choosing light fixtures can be a complicated task. Lighting and ceiling fans are crucial in not only the functionality of the rooms in your home, but also the design. Decorative light fixtures come in a variety of sha…Read More

  3. November 2016: Holiday Glow

    A Welcoming Home 'Tis the season for entertaining. Perfectly placed lighting will make your home look warm and inviting as your guests arrive. CONVERSATION STATION: Shine a light on favorite gathering areas. Whether you want to create a gathering spot for all of your friends and family, or a more cozy conversation space, a distinctive, light-directing fixture is a great way to draw in your guests.…Read More

  4. October 2016: Latest Looks in Lighting

    Four styles dominate lighting design in 2016. Your home is an expression of who you are and is meant to be a haven for family and friends. To create your special place, consider the four most popular 2016 lighting trends: • Unexpected shapes. New and unusual designs turn standard fixtures into statement pieces. • Industrial style. Equal parts vintage and modern come together with charming char…Read More

  5. September 2016: Make a Statement with Your Kitchen Lighting

    Artificial light is a necessary feature for home kitchens. In this space, you work with sharp tools and depend on your eyes to chop, read labels, inspect food and clean up afterward. With so much importance placed on kitchen lighting design, you have to be practical. However, this shouldn’t limit you from making a bold statement in your kitchen. Each kitchen is different, therefore, you have to …Read More

  6. August 2016: Using Light to Maximize Any Space

    Have you ever felt something is just not right with the design of one of the rooms in your home? Before rearranging your furniture for the fourth time, consider all possible lighting options. Regardless of the size of your space, lighting can have a huge impact. However, lighting is also one of the most underused tools in design. Considering it affects the way humans view everything in their line …Read More

  7. July 2016: Vintage is Modern

    The industrial lines and exposed filament-style bulbs of many of the latest fixture designs are meshing old ideas with new technology to create an up-to-date modern look. TRENDING: Copper is cool and complementary Copper is enjoying a resurgence in home design details, especially lighting. This distinct, lesser-used metal provides a beautiful contrast to other materials and finishes. Use it in sm…Read More

  8. June 2016: Get tips for placing pendants

    When it comes to selecting and hanging pendants and chandeliers, there are few rules of thumb. Here are a few helpful guidelines: Center piece. If you have one fixture hanging above your table, be sure to hang it directly over the center of the surface. Head space. Be sure your fixture is at least one foot narrower than the width of your table. Right height. In general, leave about 34-36 inches be…Read More

  9. MAY 2016: Choosing a Light Bulb

      It is not uncommon for today’s consumer to be confused when it comes to choosing the right light bulb for their home. ALA recently compiled a list of frequently asked questions, along with their answers, to help consumers pick the right bulb. What types of bulbs are available? There are three basic types: 1. Halogen incandescent 2. CFL (Compact Fluorescent) 3. LED (Light Emitting Diode) The h…Read More

  10. APRIL 2016: Dramatic Updates

    RIGHT LIGHT - Plan ahead to get your best lighting? Lighting is one of the most important elements in your home's décor. To be sure you end up with the best lighting type, style and placement for your home, before visiting a lighting showroom, consider these tips: Be clear about your mission. What do you want from the lighting showroom? Design help? Fixture selection? Call ahead, and set up a t…Read More