1. MARCH 2016: Step into the Light

    RIGHT LIGHT: Climbing up and down staircases opens the door to trips and falls. This can be especially dangerous for elderly residents and small children. Fortunately, a few well-placed lighting fixtures can properly illuminate stairways and make them safer to traverse. Consider installing a few sconces, step lights, or if your ceiling height allows, one or two hanging fixtures to help prevent acc…Read More

  2. FEBRUARY 2016: Light Your Home Like a Pro

    Click the video above to see the latest home lighting trends in this new video from ALA and Better Homes & Gardens. BRIGHT TIPS Almost any room can be transformed into a picturesque space by lighting it based on its aesthetic features and blind spots. The best way to diminish shadows, accentuate textures, and draw attention to just the right areas is to use a lighting technique called layerin…Read More

  3. DECEMBER 2015: Light Your Life

    ALA and Better Homes & Gardens editors present a new lighting trends video to show how lighting can make a positive impact on your life. BRIGHT TIPS Lighting helps define space and set a tone. The types of fixtures you choose are key in shaping the spaces they illuminate. To see the various kinds of lighting that can transform your space into a beautiful and welcoming home, view a new lighting…Read More

  4. NOVEMBER 2015: Holiday Home

    Welcome holiday guests with a bright and inviting first impression. RIGHT LIGHT: More and more homeowners are opting to decorate for the holidays with LEDs instead of traditional incandescent lights. Compared to strings of incandescent bulbs, LEDs offer: - Longer bulb life. (3-year warranties; average life up to 100,000 hours) - Energy savings. (16-17 watts of savings for a 25-foot light string) -…Read More

  5. OCTOBER 2015: Simple Shapes, Sophisticated Style

    Straight lines, spheres, cone shapes, orbs, all kinds of geometric shapes add up to beautifully refined lighting style.   TOP TRENDS: Lighting fixtures with sharp edges, clean lines, and dynamic shapes make classic rooms feel fresh and create a pleasing balance of old and new. Samantha Hart of Better Homes & Gardens Lighting magazine recently visited the Feiss Lighting showroom during the Dal…Read More

  6. AUGUST 2015: Get Your Fan On

    Issue No. 59, August 2015 Fall is on the way, which is a good time to give your AC a rest and rely on ceiling fans to keep you cool, calm and collected. Cool Tip Cooler temperatures make this the perfect time to turn off your air conditioner and turn on a ceiling fan to start saving energy and money. Sept. 18 marks the third annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD), which promotes reduced energy con…Read More

  7. JULY 2015: Perfect Kitchen Lighting

    Issue No. 58, July 2015 Combine decorative interests with functional consideration for perfect kitchen lighting. Top Trends A popular decorative trend in kitchen lighting, is the use of shaded chandeliers above an island. The shades provide glare control and reflect light down to where it is needed. The trends in kitchen aesthetics are in six primary style categories: Rustic: Natural materials wit…Read More

  8. JUNE 2015: Chill Out

    Issue No. 57, June 2015 No matter how hot the temperature, the right ceiling fan makes it a breeze to stay cool, inside and out. Comfort Zone Ceiling fans help you stay comfortable. We've all been in rooms that are either too hot or too cold, or ones that feel as though the air has a hard time circulating. But a room with a ceiling fan sees a huge difference in the amount of air moved (otherwise k…Read More

  9. MAY 2015: Everyday Elegance

    Issue No. 56, May 2015 All it takes are a few well-chosen, sophisticated pieces to create an elegant, yet comfortable and inviting living space. Top Trends The "Better Show" recently showcased top lighting trends for homeowners that are highlighted in the 2015 issue of Lighting Magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens and the American Lighting Association. A nationally syndicated lifestyle …Read More

  10. APRIL 2015: Simply Stunning Spaces

    Issue No. 55, April 2015 See what's new in home lighting design and find tips for creating your own stunning spaces in Lighting magazine. Right Light Lighting is one of the most important elements in your home's décor. Before you begin planning your interior space, think about what types of furnishings and lighting you prefer. There are a variety of styles from which to choose: contemporary, trad…Read More