1. FEBRUARY 2014: Good Taste Belongs in the Kitchen

    Issue No. 45, February 2014 Make everything in your kitchen delicious, not just the food. Fixture Fix It’s the most popular living space in the house, so why not transform an ordinary kitchen into your extraordinary comfort zone? You don't have to go through a major renovation to change your kitchen from just a place to cook and eat to the perfect spot to gather, relax and unwind with family and…Read More

  2. JANUARY 2014: Lighten Up to Chase Away Winter Blues

    Issue No. 44, January 2014 Don't let Old Man Winter get you down. With the right light, your home can feel bright and cheery, even when it's gloomy outside. Right Light During this time of year, the shorter, darker days make many people feel a bit melancholy. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can cause depression-like symptoms. However, there are some things homeowners can do to counteract the eff…Read More

  3. DECEMBER 2013: Switch Your Switch

    Issue No. 43, December 2013 As you prepare to ring in a new year, it's a good time to change your lighting controls to ones more compatible with new lightbulb technology. Turn Ons A lighting switch is just a switch, right? As it turns out, not really. Technology is changing your home's smallest details - switches, controls, and dimmers - to make daily life more beautiful and functional. Traditiona…Read More

  4. NOVEMBER 2013: Not Your Parents’ Chandelier

    Issue No. 42, November 2013 No longer just for the foyer or dining room. A chandelier can be an eye-turner for any space, including the bedroom, bathroom and closet. Out of the Box As home design has evolved, so has the traditional idea of the kinds of light fixtures that are appropriate for each room. For example, many master bedrooms are now like mini living environments for relaxing and reading…Read More

  5. Tis the Season to Switch to LEDs

    Issue No. 41, October 2013 The holidays are just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about decorating for the season. Use LEDs. Energy Wise Decorating for the holidays means different things to different people. Some revelers blanket their homes with twinkling lights and other decorations, both inside and out. While others take a more modest approach to the season by simply …Read More

  6. SEPTEMBER 2013: Autumn at Last

    Issue No. 40 Time for a break from the heat, and after a season of full-time AC usage, it's also a good time to power down your home's energy consumption. Expert Advice What is the rule of thumb for spacing recessed light fixtures? I'm finishing my basement, and would like to install energy-efficient LED recessed lighting. The unfinished ceiling height is just under 8 feet. The spacing will depend…Read More

  7. OCTOBER 2013: Tis the Season to Switch to LEDs

    Issue No. 39 No longer something out of your grandmother's living room, the newest air movers can define a room's style with unusual textures and modern finishes, while minimizing energy consumption. Expert Advice Will leaving my ceiling fan on all the time, even if no one is in the room, help reduce my overall air conditioning expense? No, a ceiling fan will not save energy if no one is in the ro…Read More

  8. JUNE 2013: Simply Sophisticated

    Issue No. 38 The simplicity of a monochromatic déco r can be stylish and super sophisticated. Top Trends "The Better Show" recently featured a segment showcasing the latest home lighting trends as shown in the 2013 issue of Lighting Magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens and the American Lighting Association. A nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show, "The Better Show" focuses on a varie…Read More

  9. APRIL 2013: Make a Stunning Statement

    Issue No. 37 Find all you need to know in Lighting magazine. Room Recipe Products and solutions for every room, from your entry to your living area and powder room too, can be found in Lighting magazine. For example, when lighting your entry area, don't just concentrate on the inside lighting. The lighting outside your entry area, as well as the way the inside light is seen from outside your home,…Read More

  10. FEBRUARY 2013: Form + Function = Fabulous

    Issue No. 36 Decorative elements consist of various textures, shapes and forms that can be combined to create a space that's both comfortable and beautiful. Dual Purpose You don't have to give up functionality to have appealing design. For example, the right fixture can provide the light you need, as well as shape the design of your room. Completing your design is the way you mix the various shape…Read More