1. February 2017: Rethinking Your Bathroom Lighting Design

    Your bathroom is where you typically start and finish your day, so creating an inviting space can set the tone for a great day and a restful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many homeowners are left uninspired by their bathroom lighting design. Where to Start With bathroom lighting, you need to first think about the types of lighting fixtures you want to use. Many home designs use recessed LED ligh…Read More

  2. January 2017: Room with a View

    Room with a View A family room that doubles as a media room requires lighting that can be adjusted to minimize glare and shadows while providing ample illumination for varying activities. RIGHT LIGHT: Lighting mixed-use spaces can be tricky. The holiday season is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to get ready to entertain family and friends. Whether those guests are coming just…Read More

  3. APRIL 2015: Spring Forward With These Home Lighting Improvement Projects

    With spring getting into full swing, you're likely to be gearing up for some home improvement projects around the house. One of the easier projects you can take on is updating your home lighting. There are numerous options to help you save money and energy and make your home look better. Here are a few home lighting improvement projects to consider this spring: 1. Install Dimmers Light dimmers are…Read More

  4. AUGUST 2010: Pendants Add Panache

    Here's How to Use Them to Put Your Home in the Best Light You've seen pendants attractively illuminate stunning kitchens in home décor magazines and TV shows, but perhaps you've been shy about trying the technique yourself. The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers the following tips for selecting and placing pendants in your home. The two most common pendant lighting mistakes homeowne…Read More

  5. JUNE 2010: Energy Efficient Lighting

    Installing energy efficient lighting can make a noticeable difference in your utility bills, since traditional incandescent lights burn hot and need to be replaced frequently. When you trade incandescents for compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), you'll reduce the heat output of your lights while using 75 percent less energy to illuminate them. Invest in Interior and Exterior Energy Efficient Lighting…Read More

  6. JUNE 2010: Home Lighting Design

    Effective home lighting design and landscape lighting ideas help make a home both comfortable and functional. When your home is properly lit, it should feel like a warm, welcoming space while providing the illumination required to socialize, relax and be productive. And when compared with more costly home improvement projects, the addition of quality lighting and modern ceiling fans is an affordab…Read More

  7. JUNE 2010: Kitchen Lighting Design

    As one of your home's highest traffic areas, the kitchen is not only used for cooking and eating--but also for socializing and connecting as a family. That's why it's important to spend time selecting and installing a quality kitchen lighting design. Types of Kitchen Lighting Design Like other rooms, your kitchen lighting design will be most effective when created with a variety of fixture styles,…Read More

  8. JUNE 2010: Home Theater Lighting

    Home theater lighting equipment enriches your entertainment space, improving its ambiance, functionality and character. While most home theater environments are designed to be dimmer than other rooms, they need adequate lighting since they're often built without windows or other natural illumination. Types of Home Theater Lighting Several common fixtures are used in home theater lighting. They inc…Read More

  9. JUNE 2010: Bath Lighting Fixtures

    Bath lighting fixtures were not always a concern, since bathrooms were once small rooms designed with a single purpose. Today's bath space, however, is a versatile extension of the bedroom. It is a multi-functional room where residents can relax in jetted tubs, apply makeup, prepare for the day, or enjoy privacy and solitude. Selecting Bath Lighting Fixtures and Bathroom Vanity Lighting As you beg…Read More

  10. JUNE 2010: Track Lighting Fixtures

    Rather than relying on ceiling fixtures and recessed cans to illuminate your home, experiment with track lighting fixtures in kitchens, living areas and bedrooms. Track lighting is a practical way to light small, hard-to-reach areas while highlighting furnishings, artwork and work areas. This style of lighting is particularly suited to new homes and contemporary renovations, but fixtures are also …Read More