1. May 2017: Using Wall Sconces for Style and Function

    Wall sconces are incredibly versatile lighting fixtures. While they are often used to add flare to a room, they can also serve very practical purposes. As a result, they are a great choice to add anywhere in your home. Where to hang wall sconces Where you hang your sconces depends on the lighting design you hope to create and the space in which you’re working, as they can be used for ambient lig…Read More

  2. April 2017: Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

    As we welcome longer days and warmer weather, now is the perfect time to start thinking about updating your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting serves a variety of purposes, from safety and security, to adding style and interest to your home or garden. While daylight saving time means more hours of sunlight in the evenings, it is still important to consider your outdoor lighting design, especially if …Read More

  3. March 2017: Tips for Picking a Light Bulb

    With the options available today, choosing a light bulb has become slightly more complicated for the average homeowner. If you find yourself wondering what bulb you need, here are a few tips to consider. Know What’s Available There are three basic types of light bulbs available today: Halogen Incandescent CFL (Compact Fluorescent) LED (Light Emitting Diode) The halogen incandescent is very simil…Read More

  4. February 2017: Rethinking Your Bathroom Lighting Design

    Your bathroom is where you typically start and finish your day, so creating an inviting space can set the tone for a great day and a restful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, many homeowners are left uninspired by their bathroom lighting design. Where to Start With bathroom lighting, you need to first think about the types of lighting fixtures you want to use. Many home designs use recessed LED ligh…Read More

  5. January 2017: Room with a View

    Room with a View A family room that doubles as a media room requires lighting that can be adjusted to minimize glare and shadows while providing ample illumination for varying activities. RIGHT LIGHT: Lighting mixed-use spaces can be tricky. The holiday season is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to get ready to entertain family and friends. Whether those guests are coming jus…Read More

  6. December 2016: The Beauty of Decorative Lighting

    Decorative lights are the unsung heroes of great lighting design. These statement fixtures are important in conveying specific design themes, and can also be used in light layering. Choosing light fixtures can be a complicated task. Lighting and ceiling fans are crucial in not only the functionality of the rooms in your home, but also the design. Decorative light fixtures come in a variety of sha…Read More

  7. November 2016: Holiday Glow

    A Welcoming Home 'Tis the season for entertaining. Perfectly placed lighting will make your home look warm and inviting as your guests arrive. CONVERSATION STATION: Shine a light on favorite gathering areas. Whether you want to create a gathering spot for all of your friends and family, or a more cozy conversation space, a distinctive, light-directing fixture is a great way to draw in your guests…Read More

  8. October 2016: Latest Looks in Lighting

    Four styles dominate lighting design in 2016. Your home is an expression of who you are and is meant to be a haven for family and friends. To create your special place, consider the four most popular 2016 lighting trends: • Unexpected shapes. New and unusual designs turn standard fixtures into statement pieces. • Industrial style. Equal parts vintage and modern come together with charming char…Read More

  9. September 2016: Make a Statement with Your Kitchen Lighting

    Artificial light is a necessary feature for home kitchens. In this space, you work with sharp tools and depend on your eyes to chop, read labels, inspect food and clean up afterward. With so much importance placed on kitchen lighting design, you have to be practical. However, this shouldn’t limit you from making a bold statement in your kitchen. Each kitchen is different, therefore, you have to…Read More

  10. August 2016: Using Light to Maximize Any Space

    Have you ever felt something is just not right with the design of one of the rooms in your home? Before rearranging your furniture for the fourth time, consider all possible lighting options. Regardless of the size of your space, lighting can have a huge impact. However, lighting is also one of the most underused tools in design. Considering it affects the way humans view everything in their line…Read More