1. Keep the Shine of Summer All Year Long

    Our long summer days are on the way out, but that doesn’t mean the bright mood has to leave as the sun sinks. Use these tricks to keep the energy of summer alive in your home well after the leaves starting turning red. Use hanging lights to mimic the glow of the sun overhead. Go understated with recessed accents or go big with a beautiful chandelier. Find warm and brightness in colors – play w…Read More

  2. Have You Done Your Back-to-school Homework?

    The kids are back in school and the homework is back at home. This year, try to create a dedicated homework station to help your kids stay organized and feeling in control. To set your student up with a station, start with these tips: Set up a small desk in a corner for a sense of seclusion and walls to mount document organizers. Put a whiteboard with cork board sides on one station wall to keep a…Read More

  3. Make Your Late Summer Parties Sparkle

    Since summer is nearing its end, savor the last few weeks of warmth by hosting a garden party or backyard barbecue. Even though the sun is setting earlier, Hortons can help you create an inviting glow that will keep the party going. If you have a patio with an overhang, you can use hanging lights to illuminate a permanent bar or seating area. For more versatility, invest in a few strands of colore…Read More

  4. The 15th Annual Goombay Bash was a Remarkable Success!

    Hortons Home Lighting is a proud supporter of The H Foundation, a charity supporting basic science cancer research. Each year, they host a huge, Caribbean-themed fundraiser to further the fight against cancer. This year, the Goombay Bash enjoyed its 15th year on July 18. The night was filled with great music, gourmet food and exciting fundraising opportunities such as raffles, auctions and more. G…Read More

  5. Set the Tone for the Town

    Exterior lighting is multi-functional. Beyond the safety and security of having a well-lit property, exterior lighting can set the tone for how your home is perceived. There are multiple lighting styles to give your house a unique personality that sets it apart from the rest of the block. Downlighting This style is very functional. Lights that cast their glow downward illuminate the full property,…Read More

  6. Hortons Wins the 2015 Humanitarian Award from Industry Leader Lighting One!

    We are proud to announce Hortons Home Lighting won the 2015 Humanitarian Award from Lighting One for our dedication to The H Foundation, a charity we co-founded that supports basic science cancer research. The mission of The H Foundation has united the entire lighting industry, with support from other local retailers, to manufacturers and retailers across the country. Many donate products, money a…Read More

  7. The Ceiling Fan Renaissance

    For a while, ceiling fans became an undesirable component of a room’s décor. However, with more modern, sleek, and efficient fans, they’re experiencing a resurgence in popularity for their versatility and aesthetic. If you’re considering adding a fan to your home, here are some trends we’re seeing today: A Lighting Component Adding lights to your ceiling fan doubles its value to your room…Read More

  8. Lean on Natural Lighting

    Now that the summer sun is finally here, open your drapes and welcome it in! For times when you want to enhance the effect of our traditional lighting fixtures, Hortons Home Lighting provides unique solutions for using natural light to its fullest potential. In addition to seasonal lighting accents, you can use mirrors, Tiffany stained glass windows and more to enhance the power of natural sunligh…Read More

  9. Get fired up!

    It feels like we’ve waited forever for summer to arrive, and now it’s finally here! But summer doesn’t officially start until you host your first cookout of the season. Before you invite your closest friends and family over for a barbecue, check out the newest products from the grill masters, Weber Grill. Hortons Home Lighting in La Grange is a proud partner of Ace Hardware, with an Ace stor…Read More

  10. La Grange is looking great…

    We are happy to say the Hortons Home Lighting location in La Grange is currently undergoing a successful remodel! Building on decades of serving La Grange and surrounding towns, we’re proud to update our building that has become a long-standing community staple. Our showroom will have brand new flooring, an updated layout and more upgrades to make your experience as a customer easier and more en…Read More