1. Lighting Your Indoor Stairways

    If your home has more than one floor, then it’s extremely important to ensure that your indoor stairways have adequate lighting. You and your family need to be able to see as you traverse the stairs, and not enough light or too much light can greatly impact how the space feels and functions. Safety is always a priority when it comes to stairways, but it’s also important to consider the aesthet…Read More

  2. Fall is Nearly Here – Is Your Lighting Ready?

    August is nearly over, and that means that fall isn’t too far away. You’ve most likely noticed the days getting shorter over the past few weeks, and with the sun setting a few minutes earlier each day, it can often mean that you’re spending more time inside with the lights on. At Hortons Home Lighting, we want to make sure that your lighting is ready for fall and winter, and if you’re look…Read More

  3. Highlight Architectural Features with Lighting

    Building a new house is always exciting, and if you’re including unique architectural features such as archways or alcoves, it’s important to make sure they’re properly illuminated. This is especially true on the exterior of your home where passers-by can see the distinct design features that make your home stand out among the others in your neighborhood. At Hortons Home Lighting in La Grang…Read More

  4. Find Your New Light Fixtures at Hortons

    Updating your light fixtures might seem like a daunting task, but with the right store and the right staff, it can be a very simple and straightforward process. When you shop at Hortons in La Grange, you'll have the assistance of our knowledgeable staff, who can show you every fixture option and help you decide on lights for every room in your home. They can also explain the three basic types of l…Read More